I started Method Mobile Studios in 2010 shortly after earning a degree in Network Administration from a PA based school. After graduation I found my self working at a warehouse struggling to get by and support my family. I had always been interested in programming, writing dos scripts in computer class in Jr. High, Working with Shell and Linux scripts in college.  At that point decided that I was going to start coding on my off time. I would work ten hours at my warehouse job and upon returning home I would work for another six to eight hours sometimes more. Then nothing but coding on the weekends too. Looking back… these times were hard but I wouldn’t give them up. They were part of the journey.

My first game Sheeper I spent a year developing and learning the Corona platform. I had allot of fun with this game it was a great tool and I learned allot from it. Upon it’s release I did have high expectations and was let down. Hoping desperately to escape this thing I called modern day slavery, I was quickly slapped down.

I took a couple months off from coding after that. All that work, I desperately needed a break.I gathered myself, spent some much needed time with my family and friends. I played allot of Minecraft during that time as well. I also played around with some coding for fun during this time and that’s when uCraft (Minecraft Simulator at the time) was really created. At that time it was really nothing but some static animals and a couple blocks. My son really enjoyed it.

After that I started back at it. I worked on some kids apps which brought in moderate success well one specifically. Nothing to write home about though. I eventually saw some Minecraft based apps on Google so I would thought why not. I had a framework for my 2D game in-place and it only needed a little work to be publishable. I really didn’t have high hopes for it. Little did I know that this little bit of work would turn into a mountain and I love to work… well to code. I spent the next year working on uCraft needless to say and now have some part-time help and we are making some decent progress.

uCraft has came a long way and we give our heartfelt thanks to Notch his Family and Team, also the Minecraft Community without you guys Minecraft would not be what it is today. Minecraft has changed the lives of so many people in so many positive ways, and that is something to be proud of universally.


We Love you guys. 🙂