Where is uCraft going? Well that’s totally up to you guys. Here is what we have on the drawing board from your emails and comments.

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In no particular order.



Custom Skins.


More Texture Packs.

Nether and Nether Portal.


Sharing Worlds.

More Mobs.

Friendlier Crafting and Smelting UI.

More spawn-able Items and blocks.

Procedural Generation.

Naturally Spawning water and lava.

Here is what has happened in the last year.

Dig animations and directional orientation to player dig. – Complete

Collectible blocks after digging. – Complete

Player life gauge / Survival mode. – Complete

Water / Lava. – Complete

Mobs spawn at night. – Complete

Sound for rain and lightning. – Complete

Stained Clay. – Complete

New UI – Complete

New Sprite Engine. – Complete

Foreground blocks for houses and structures to simulate actually entering a house. – Removed

Fall Damage. – Complete

Crafting Table/ craft-able objects. – Complete

Colored Sheep. – Complete

Sand, gravel, other fun natural formations added into hills world. – Complete

Saddles and the ability to ride horses and pigs. – Complete, except not pigs.