Here is where we list all the new updates that have been pushed out to uCraft.

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Version 3.8.4

Spiders will not attack during day time now.
You can now open doors with your hand.
Removed physics from player projectiles.
Fixed bug where fire would only burn background blocks.
Fixed bug where crafted tools would not take damage. This happened when the action bar was full and the crafted tool was pushed to player inventory.
Fixed bug where skeleton arrows would not collide with closed doors.
Fixed bug when selecting the Onigiris Texture pack by icon. This would cause the UI to disapear.
Fixed bug when destroying a spruce tree. Trees leaves would drop leaves not saplings.
Fixed player and mobs colliding with crops.
Increased world scroll speed for when player is hidden.
Increased the length of days and nights more.
Added reach boundaries to survival mode.
Added new keyboard for entering world names.
Added sand and gravel to new hills worlds.
Particles now are shown when a block is destroyed not just during digging.
New Controls. Use the directional buttons to run.
Joystick will move a highlighted block around the player. Use the A and B buttons to destroy or place.
You can also walk by dragging the joystick to its perimeter.
A = action/destroy button. B = place/interaction button. C = jump button.

Version 3.8.3

Removed physics from arrows and snowballs thrown by enemies. This is now done with math.
Bugs this fixes–
Fixes bug where the player would be thrown across the screen if he or she was hit by an arrow or snowball.
Fixes bug where arrows in the blockU texture pack would fall to the ground because they were to heavy.

Fixed bug where skeletons would shoot from their backs.
Iron Golems now attack Zombies and vice versa.
Villagers now run from zombies if they are less than 10 blocks away.
Re-wrote mob collision detection.
This fixes multiple mob bugs, to many to list.
Added new Mountain World.
Removed foreground block layer.

Version 3.8.2

Fixed bug where beds could not be placed.
Fixed dying from fall damage when creating hills worlds.
Fixed bug where exiting a world and entering would cause a crash.
Fixed bug where switching to survival with player hidden would cause unexpected.
Fixed various skin selection bugs.
Day and Night cycle time increased.
Tree farming now possible.
Tree tops will now be destroyed over time if the base of a tree is destroyed.
They will randomly drop saplings and apples in creative mode.

Version 3.8.1

Fixed bug where drops would get stuck in air if block below was dug.
Fixed bug where player inventory button wouldn’t align when changing players.
Blocks now break instantaneously in creative mode.
Added ability to fly in creative mode. To fly, quickly tap jump button twice.
Added back the ability to remove the player.
Newly created flat worlds will now be set to creative mode initially.
Newly created hills worlds will be set to survival mode initially.

Version 3.8.0

Neutral mobs now spawn in survival mode.
Note: Neutral Mobs will only spawn on a grass, snowy grass or dirt blocks.
Special mobs have a rare chance of spawning.
Hostile mobs don’t de-spawn off screen anymore.
Fixed bug where hostile mobs would spawn in ground.
Added player damage sound.

Version 3.7.9

Fixed bug where redstone torches would not spawn on background blocks.
Fixed bug where players could not craft tools.
Fixed spelling error for the death screen.

Version 3.7.7 / 3.7.8

Fixed bug bow and arrow animation.
Fixed bug where player could ride horses through walls.
Fixed bug where could kill the horse they were currently riding with a tool or weapon.
Fixed bug where horses would not walk or jump if mounted.
Fixed bug where crafting an item above the stack limit would cause a crash.
Fixed bug where equipped item would still be in players hand after death and respawn.
Reduced night time spawning rate.

Version 3.7.6

Fixed bug where tnt not explode.

Version 3.7.4

Fixed bug where player would die from fall damage in flat worlds.
Ender pearls now transport the player.
Thrown eggs randomly hatch again.
Now items will not drop when digging or killing mobs in creative.

Version 3.7.2

Fixed natural re-spawning location in hills world.
This would cause fall damage when re-spawning a player.
Removed ad options. A banner ad will now be shown permanently.
Decreased amount of video ads. They will now show after ten interactions with a chest.

Version 3.7.1

Fixed player dying of fall damage when walking… Hopefully
Fixed player from spawning red after death.
Fixed bug where eating food in survival mode would not remove food from inventory.
Re-wrote the health and hunger bars.

Version 3.7.0

Fixed mobs jumping on chests beds etc.
Fixed bug where mobs would eat grass when they shouldn’t.
Fixed bug where destroying beds would cause a silent crash.
Fixed bug when hostile mobs catch fire during the day.
Fixed sleeping animation and transition.
Fixed mobs not walking through open doors.
Fixed animated stars showing through mountians.
Removed eat button. To eat, tap on your player with food.
Added eating animation.
Increased time it takes for dropped items to disappear.
Moved in-game buttons.
Tweaked random weather times.
Added fall damage in survival mode.
Added attacking mobs to survival mode.
Added character death screen.
Environment bug fixes.

Version 3.6.9

Mobs now die over time instead of instantly if on fire.
Mobs now drop cooked versions meat if on fire.
Fixed bug where player legs would get stuck in blocks.
Fixed dynamic objects colliding with background blocks.
Fixed baby cats growing up into ocelots.
Fixed bug where player would collect items even though inventory was full.
Fixed instance camera would not re-align on Y axis.
Fixed bug where mobs would transport through ground.
Added a link to our other games.

Version 3.6.8

Removed almost all Box2D physics. This greatly improved performance, as creating a physics body for each individual solid tile was cumbersome.
You can now set mobs on fire directly with flint and steel.
Increased ocelot and cat size.
Increased Zombie size.
Fixed stars not unloading when setting night to day.
Jumping is now more consistent.
Fixed bug where game would crash when exiting world at night time.
Fixed bug where player could not sleep in bed behind foreground blocks.

Version 3.6.7

Added new kill sheep sound.
Added ability to make wolves sit when tamed.
To make a tamed wolf sit, just tap on it.
Tamed wolves will not attack sheep now.
Added back the ability to change zoom factor of a world.
Removed the ability to look up and down.

Version 3.6.6

Fixed bug where Wolves would eat grass.
Fixed action bar reload bug.
Fixed bug where mobs would not spawn after reload.
Increased wolf run speed.
New App icon.

Version 3.6.5

Fixed bug where world would not load after exiting a previous world.
Added auto save when when user exits app unexpectedly.
Added Alpha Furnaces.

Version 3.6.4

Added new mountain textures.
Updated joystick bounds.
Fixed bug when getting off a ladder on the left side would cause the player animation to get stuck in a climb state.
Fixed bug where horses would not take damage when hit by tools.

Version 3.6.3

Added flint to creative menu.
Added arrow recipe.
Fixed player inventory crafting grid – stack bugs.
Fixed crafting table grid – stack bugs.
Fixed bug where grass blocks would turn it to dirt if objects or mobs were spawned one block above.
Added back the ability to drag mobs. This will only work in creative and your player can not have anything in hand.
Fixed Mobs sliding across blocks.

Version 3.6.2
Fixed bug where dig operations would not work after leaving and entering a world.
Fixed Background data not being removed after leaving a world.
Fixed Bug when spawning multiple off-screen zombies on the same block would cause zombies to wield pickaxes.
Fixed bug where multiple zombies in the same block space would pick up the same item.
Fixed bug where tools would take damage in creative mode.
Added Horses and Saddles. Tap on a horse to mount or dismount it.
There are seven different colors of horses combined with four types of markings.
To tame a horse, tap on it. Once you see hearts the horse is tame.
Drop a saddle on your tamed horse or tap on your horse with a saddle in hand to saddle your horse.

version 3.6.1

Fixed bug where items would remain in the players hand after being transfered to a container.

Fixed bug where player would not transition to bed when trying to sleep.

Added physics body to TNT. Note: This only affects newly created worlds.

Fixed bug where character would walk through blocks near ladders.

Fixed bug when touching a fog block while having a weapon equipped would cause a crash.

Fixed bug where exploding off-screen tnt would crash the game.

Changed infinite blocks button to creative mode button.

Your character will not get hungry in creative mode.

Version 3.5.8

Fixed torch particle placement for pumpkin patch texture pack.

Fixed player getting stuck in walking animation when joystick was dragged back to a neutral position.

Fixed bug where destroying background or foreground blocks with torches attached to the background block above would fall.

Fixed bug where destroying foreground blocks with torches attached would not destroy the attached torch.

Mobs that eat will now only eat while on a grass block, destroying the grass on that block.

Added back the ability to take a screenshot.

Version 3.5.7

Exploding dyes now dye wool blocks.

Dismounting ladders is now easier.

Fixed bug where dig sound would loop when a player canceled a dig operation.

Minor performance improvements.

Version 3.5.6

Mobs now take damage from TNT.

Items now are affected by explosions. Temp Extreme 🙂

Fixed bug where hoe would not till grass. Enjoy farming!!!

Version 3.5.5

Fixed infinite duplication bug when crafting with just one item in the crafting grid.
Fixed bug where Iron Golem would not jump one block when wandering.
Sheep now grow wool off screen.
Reduced body size of baby sheep.
Improved breeding routine.
Added a new character skin.

Version 3.5.3 / 3.5.4

Updated world framework.
Added Shears.
Added Bows and Arrows.
Added Fog of War.
Added new sprite engine. Spine 2D
Better and more robust placement algorithms.
Shear Sheep, Dye sheep, Sheep grow wool over time.
Player head now looks where he or she is digging.
Grass will now grow on dirt blocks.
More robust crafting algorithms.
New File system layout for future integration of texture packs.
New Skin selection screen.
New player inventory grid system. Double tap to come.
Added ability to dig background blocks.
Added ability to move the camera up or down.
Added ability to shear mooshrooms.
Added parallax background Mountains. Ability to change them to custom colors soon.
Temporarily Removed Furnaces and Pistons.

Version 3.2.7

Mobs now follow your player if he or she is holding the appropriate food.

Fixed bug where inventory would act full even though it was not.

Powered lamps now drop non-powered lamps.

Random skies for loading screens implemented again.

Fixed Oceleot bug which would mess up indexing.

Fixed bug where sheep would not die from wolves.

Fixed bug when baby animals would die causing silent crash.

Fixed Pistons not retracting.

Action Bar bug fixes.

Version 3.2.6

More bug fixes.

Updated keyboard.

Fixed clear glass from not stacking.

Fixed bug where player would not eat if only half a bar of life was missing.

Building snowmen and iron golem no longer render particles and pickups.

Shortened clay names so they wont over lap the hunger bar.

Infinite block option now saves automatically.

Collectible objects now fall if block is dug around them. Instead of being stuck in the air.

Fixed bug where clear glass would not stack.

Added ability to eat food.

Added hunger bar.

Added Big Oak Logs.

Added Acacia Logs.

Added ability to farm and harvest Potatoes, Carrots and Wheat.

To farm, use a hoe on dirt or grass then drop what you want to plant on the tilled ground.

Wheat takes 45 seconds a stage, other plants 60

Added Furnaces.

Added Rain and thunder sounds.

Added lightning visuals back.

Added the ability to place foreground blocks on furnaces, chests and beds.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Note to utilize farms you will need to create a new world.

Version 3.2.2

Added ability to eat food.

Added hunger bar.

Added Big Oak Logs.

Added Acacia Logs.

Added ability to farm and harvest Potatoes, Carrots and Wheat.

To farm, use a hoe on dirt or grass then drop what you want to plant on the tilled ground.

Wheat takes 45 seconds a stage, other plants 60

Updated the way furnaces work, they are now more robust. Especially in dealing with more than one furnace at a time.

Lots of bug fixes as well.

Sorry for the delay in the update and Enjoy 🙂

Version 3.2.0

Added Furnaces. Still a little work to be done on ingredients. You can now Cook 🙂 !!

Added Rain and thunder sounds.

Added lightning visuals back.

Added the ability to place foreground blocks on furnaces, chests and beds.

Note: Foreground blocks on beds, if you destroy one foreground block over a bed you must destroy the other before you can replace foreground blocks over beds.

-Added all tools an weapons.
-Added back ability to remove player.
-Fixed Pistons from reacting to dynamic torches.
-Fixed blocks powering pistons upon re-entering the screen.
-Fixed torches from falling of blocks.
-Removed ability to delete worlds in-game. This must be done from load game in the menu screen.
-Removed ability to spawn torches on sand.
-Added ability to spawn torches on wool and clay.
-Changed layer 1 to a tile layer. We recommend deleting old worlds to utilize this layer.


It wasn’t easy hence the delay in the update. I bet Notch had fun with his GUI.

Added Chests and Player Inventory. Stacks max out at 16 for now.

Tap to fast move or drag to move one item at a time.

Fixed where the player would walk through walls near ladders.

Mobs now hop up stairs instead of jumping a full 32 pixels.

Doors now are solid when closed and passable when open.

Note: Chests don’t drop items inside them yet so any destroyed chest destroys items inside,

More Coming Soon!!!

Version 3.0.8

Minor Bug Fixes
Gravel now works as expected.
Reduced torch particles for performance.
Added Something special.
Smaller Banner Ads for free version
More to come.

Version 3.0.7
Sand and gravel bug fixes. Sand now works as expected. With Pistons too 🙂
Fixed TNT chain reactions again.
Made separate classes for ladder code, torches code, remove table code.
Lots of ladder and torch bug fixes.
Changed save routine to all .json files.
Created Directories needed for chests and inventory in the future.
Reworked Collision class.
Added 10 saves to the paid version.
Updated ads for Free version.
Lots of other bug and performance improvements.

Version 3.0.6

Bag-a-Bug fixes Update.
Fixed Oak and Birch Leaves from not breaking again.
Moved TNT functions to their own class.
TNT blows up vines, doors, webs, bars, beds again.
Lots of work on TNT and related bug fixes.
Increased spawn area to four blocks.
Fixed blocks not allocating on Load Game.
Fixed your player from running up the back side of stairs blocks.
Added Drops for ores.

Thank all of you guys that stayed with uCraft through our tile world transition. You guys rock

Version 3.0.5

Critical bug fix.

Fixed game from slowing down to a crawl after sometime.

This was due to drops not spawning correctly.

Added a bed.

You now can sleep at night.

Other Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0.3

Fixed game from crashing when exploding TNT.

Removed TNT drop from exploding TNT.

Fixed snowballs and eggs from turning to a Item drop.

Drops will now fall if a block is broken underneath them.

Chickens now lay eggs again. Like in the old days. 🙂

Fixed TNT from spawning twice upon loading a saved world.

Thanks for your bug reports in the comments. We will be adding a bug tracker to our website this week. This should streamline bug fixes. 🙂

Version 3.0.2

Bug fixes.

Reduced and optimized Spawn Class file.

Added item drop when you break blocks.

Added item drop when mob dies.

Drops will disappear after 60 seconds.

Version 3.0.1

Added snowballs.

Added the ability to throw snowballs and eggs.

Eggs will sometimes hatch a baby chicken.

Objects now go into a transition state so your player can pick up items.

Fixed bug where save list would double.

Fixed bug where Mobs would turn into white squares.

Fixed bug where grass and flowers would not automatically break.

Added hardware back button functionality in-game.

Next week More bug fixes and some other cool stuff. 🙂

Version 3.0.0

Mob rework Update 🙂

Fixed where built mobs would not spawn in their correct locations.

To many mob bug fixes and optimizations to list.

Mobs now work like they did before the large world update.

uCraft Mobs AI works similar to Minecrafts.

For example Iron Golems avoid attacking Creepers.

Due to the extensive work done to the mobs.

Old saved worlds with mobs will need to be deleted.

Were now one step closer to survival mode:)

Version 2.9.9

Moved Block Edit Menu to the bottom of the screen.

Moved Block Name to the top of the screen.

Integrated Block Edit Menu with objects bar.

You now break blocks by selecting the pickaxe in the objects bar.

Fixed wool from not changing color when dye was dropped.

Your player will now walk up stairs automatically.

Version 2.9.8

Added Bread, Cookies, Cake, Golden Carrots and Sticks.

Fixed timer bug whenever game was exited through main menu.

Fixed bug where block edit menu would show up twice.

Version 2.9.7

Critical bug fixes.

Fixed trees grown from saplings once culled off screen would cause a silent
crash that would slow performance to a crawl.

Fixed a silent crash with ladders that would also slow performance.

Fixed edit bar from not loading correctly after a saved world was loaded.

Fixed joystick not showing up Sometimes.

Fixed loaded worlds from silently crashing,

More to come:)

Version 2.9.6

Added ores to hills worlds. Note you will need to create a new hills world for
ores to show up.

Removed mini game to reduce file size.

Fixed bug where tree leaves and wool would not break.

Removed Control options. Now your player can only be controlled by the d-pad.

Set a static world scale for when a player is on the screen.

Removed banner ads. A full screen ad will now display after you open the chest 3

Many other bug fixes, and many more to come.

Version 2.8.5 / 2.9.5

Bug fixes and more bug fixes.

Removed door physics object.(You now can walk through doors.)

Fixed big oak stairs from not spawning.

Fixed some instances of saved worlds not loading correctly.

Fixed ladders and underground blocks from not behaving properly after a loading
a saved world.

All worlds should be good, no need to recreate a new world.


Added Apples, Leather, Diamonds, Clay balls.

Added description for selected entity.

Fixed bug where mobs would not get hurt by Cacti.

Fixed Bug where Slime balls would not collide with Pistons.

Fixed Bug where spiders would jump out of containers/rooms.

Improved overall collisions with Torches.
This fixes when Torches would collide with Carved Pumpkins or Redstone Lamps placed in a line and would convert to one location.


Set a limit of on-screen mobs to 13. This helps prevent lag and glitching greatly.

Fixed bug where off Screen mobs would jump.

Worked on the weather. Added parallax sun and moon effects. Layered sun and moon appropriately.

Added blocks to your players hand. Depending on selected entity.

Added a quick travel drag function for maps. In some instances if you travel to quickly blocks wont break. If this happens slowly scroll off screen and back.

Performance improvements.

More Bug Fixes.


Added stained clay blocks.

Added Iron Ingot and rotten Flesh.

Created dynamic physics objects per object shape.

Added animation for digging and placing.


– Fixed lines showing up in between blocks.

– Added beta pigmen.

– Fixed Light Blue Dye from not spawning.


– Re-textured mobs if available according to texture pack.

– Added Ladders

– Fixed worlds glitching after they had been saved / edited / loaded multiple times.

– Major Performance Improvements when moving map.

– Fixed creeper not dropping gun powder.

– Fixed Slime-balls not disappearing after baby slime was destroyed.

– You can now zoom out farther on worlds.

– Moved controls farther away from the corners of the screens.